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moving to mexico

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moving to mexico Empty Re: moving to mexico

Post by dean Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:16 am

from BPE so take note..

a. Is anyone flying to the San Diego/LA area Saturday? My friend is stuck at the border with our household goods. They won’t let him cross because he only has 1 copy of our Menaje De Casa. If someone can take the other 2 copies up he will meet you wherever and we will drive you to SJD. Bob and Irene DeA


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moving to mexico Empty moving to mexico

Post by dean Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:12 pm

bringing items in to Mexico

> Okay - my question is: we came down last November with our Menaje de
> Casa (approved by the Mexican Consulate in Vancouver). So when we go
> back next year we would like to buy and bring down a new BBQ - do we

> need more paperwork?

Not sure how timely the following links are.    I do  remember at the time
though, and maybe someone can correct me  When you use  the Menaje de Casa, you are actually required to remove all of those items when  you leave Mexico, any comments?  I brought many tools and electronics and  it seemed that was all the Aduana really wanted to physically see at Tecate when  we crossed with our giant trailer. That took 1.5 days.


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