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fm2-3 rules 2010

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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty Crazy Pacos now doing immigration submisions

Post by dean Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:36 pm

FM2 and FM3 renewals and applications: Crazy Pacos is now doing complete FM2 and FM3 as well as corporation renewals with rush service available. You will not need to go into LaPaz except once approved one time in 5 or so years for fingerprinting, imagine that. Even the photos can be done at Crazy Pacos. Ideally the best time to do the initial paperwork is by appointment at closing time around 2 pm but if not busy the work can be done at other times. We will email you when you need to sign secondary papers (again no trip to LaPaz) and you can come to crazy pacos from 7am to 2pm to sign and then we will email you when the document is ready for pick up during the same hours. Only the initial application should be done ideally at 2pm. If you need the photos, they would cost 30% more to do here in LaVentana than LaPaz, you are welcome to get the photos done in LaPaz and give them to us. Our pricing for the paperwork is the same as LaPaz agencies. So why spend so much of your precious time going to laPaz immigration office or paper filing firms when you can do it locally…


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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty guide to fill out online form

Post by dean Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:36 am

there is a guide on how to fill out the new fm forms on this site.


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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty Re: fm2-3 rules 2010

Post by dean Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:43 am

Info on new immigration rules from Mexican attorney
Posted by: "tfinbaja" tfinbaja
Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:49 am (PDT)

I was asked to post this information to the group.

Questions and answers regarding the new immigration rules for Foreigners in Mexico.

To enter and during one stay in Mexico, what does one need as far as papers?

A) For a visit of less than 180 days?
Passport and the new FMM form filled out on you at all times.

B) For a visit of more than 180 days?
Passport, Visa emitted by a Mexican embassy or Consulate and the FMM form filled out, on you at all times.

To be able to stay in Mexico for longer than 180 days what do I need to do?
Acquire a Visa at any Mexican embassy fill out the FMM form and present both along with passport at point of entry and within 30 days request at any immigration office in Mexico an FM-2 or FM-3.

Do I need an FM-3 or FM-2?

A) Because I have real estate property? No, the FMM is sufficient if one is in Mexico for less than 180 days.

B) Because I have a partnership or other business in Mexico? No as long as you are not in the country for more than 180 days.

C) Because I want to work in Mexico?
No as long as you declare on the FMM that you are entering Mexico to work and specify what type of work that you will perform during your 180 day stay.

Do I need to be in Mexico to renew my FM-3 or FM-2?
Yes because one has to present new photos, finger prints and signature each time one needs to renew.

Can I get an FM-2 without having had an FM-3?
Yes, as long as you prove that you have immigrated to Mexico, in other words that you made Mexico your "Home".

Are there restrictions when one has an FM-2?
The only restriction is that one can not be out of the country for more than 180 days during a continuous 5 year period, either in one or multiple times.

What advantages do I have by getting an FM-2 vs. an FM-3?
After 5 years of having an FM-2 one can either choose to be an "Inmigrado" (Immigrant status) or acquire the Mexican nationality.

Is it true that if I married a Mexican person I do not need any immigration papers?
No, every foreigner has to have the proper status to be able to be legal, one who does not have will suffer that consequences indicated in the law.

If I am illegal in Mexico can I become legal without any problems? Yes, one can become legal without suffering any consequences if one presents himself to any immigration office in Mexico and ask for "Regularización" of his status.

Who can arrest and detain me if I do not have any of the required immigration ID papers on me?
Any police corps who will remit you to immigration officials in case that you do not have on you your immigration papers.

Can a police officer request me to show him my immigration papers?
Not unless you are suspected of having done wrong.

Can an Immigration officer request me to show him my immigration papers?
Yes at any time.

Abogado, Avocat, Lawyer,
Miembro del Colegiado de Abogados en B.C.S.
Member of Lawyer's college in B.C.S.
Senior member of the Firm,
Notaria 8, Planta Alta, suite 4 & 6,
Esq., Allende y Serdan,
La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico.


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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty Re: fm2-3 rules 2010

Post by dean Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:06 pm
old but good


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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty Re: fm2-3 rules 2010

Post by dean Mon May 31, 2010 8:00 am

for photos per LPG

photos were 120 pesos per person at Foto Miguel on 16 de Septiembre y Dominguez, downtown. Photos were ready in 15 minutes!


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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty Re: fm2-3 rules 2010

Post by dean Thu May 27, 2010 8:51 am

from LPG

FM 2 & 3 forms on line.
Posted by: &Thu May 27, 2010 8:00 am (PDT)

This is from the yahoo group in Loreto.
Maybe of use to you guys ?

From: Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 21:19:39 +0000
Subject: [Loreto_Community] FM3 & FM2 Instructions

Filling out the Immigration Application On-Line

Only use Microsoft Internet Explorer for these instructions:

First before any thing else, turn OFF the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer by going to the "Tools.. Pop-up Blocker.. Turn Off Pop-up Blocker". When you are done, turn the pop-up blocker back on.

1. Enter into the address line of Internet Explorer and press enter. When the page comes up a pop-up window will appear – DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW.

2. In the pop-up window you will see a line, "Click here- In order to learn more about the actions related to migratory facilitation. CLICK THIS LINE WITH YOUR MOUSE.

3. When the page loads, click the top line that says: "Click here to view english information>>". Now the page will be translated into English.

4. For FM-3 holders and FM-2 Holders, click the link that says "Click here for such new forms>>" AFTER the line that says: "New migratory procedure applications, that shall be downloaded from this web site and shall be previously filled and printed by all users' personal computer."

5. Now a Spanish page will come up, click the link that says: "Vivo en Mexico y quiero..." I live in Mexico and I want to…. This will bring up the immigration form. The form will look a lot like the one we have filled out on paper, but I'll try to go through it.

6. "Que desea hacer?" What do you want to do? , I selected "Regularizar su situacion migratoria en Mexico ". or Continue your immigration status in Mexico because I would be renewing my FM2.

7. The next line "Especifique" Specify is greyed out when you make the selection on step 6.

8. Now in the "Datos del extranjero (Conforme a Pasaporte o Documento de Identidad)" Data from abroad (Under Passport or ID) area, put in:

"Apillido" Last Name

"Nombre" First Name

"Fecha de nacimiento" Birth Date

"Sexo" Sex

"Estado civil actual" Current Marital Status

"Correo electronico" Email in the boxes.

Note: If your passport or ID shows BOTH your first name AND your middle name, you need to enter your first name and middle name in the "Nombre" area.

Only the boxes with an asterisk next to them are required. If you have a CURP number enter it.

9. Now in the "Lugar de nacimiento" Birthplace area enter:

"Pais" Country- for Americans it would be Estado Unidos de America

"Estado, Provincia o Departamento" State, Province or Department

"Nacionalidad actual" Present Nationality.

10. In the "Pasaporte o Documento con el que se identifica el extranjero" Passport or Document identifying the foreigner area enter:

"Documento de identificacion" Document used for ID

"Número de documento" Document number

"País de expedición" Country of Issue

"Fecha de expedición" Issue Date

"Fecha de vencimiento" Expiration Date,

11. In the "Domicilio del extranjero en México" Address of Foreigner in Mexico section enter:

"Calle" Street Name

"Número exterior" Exterior Number

"Colonia" Neighborhood- for Marina De La Paz this is "El Manglito"

"Estado" State

"Delegacion o municipio" City

"Codigo Postal" Zip Code.

12. Fill out the "En su caso, persona autorizada para tramitar, oir o recibir notificaciones" Where appropriate, a person authorized to process, hear and receive notifications area, enter:

"Apellido(s)" Last Name

"Nombre(s)" First Name(s)

"Nacionalidad actual" Present Nationality

"Número de documento" Document number.

13. Click the "Agregar persona" Add Person button. Failure to do step 12-13 will cause the form not to be saved and no PDF file will be generated.

14. Click the "Guardar" button to save the request. A confirmation page will come up.

15. At the bottom of the page near "¿Es correcta la información capturada?" Is the captured information correct?, if the information is correct, click the "Si" Yes button.

16 A dialog box will come up that says "su solicitud ha sido registrada con el numero de pieza 00000000032632 imprima el formato" your application has been registered with the part number 00000000032632 print format. Note: The number you get will be different.

17. After you click "OK" on the dialog box, a PDF file will be generated and you must print this file out to take to immigration. I would also save a copy on your local computer.

18. The number in step 16 is what you take to immigration along with the printed form for the next step. The number generated is also printed on the form that is generated. The information that you have provided is saved in their computer system for 90 days after which time it is deleted.

19. When going to immigration, take with you besides the application form that you have printed out – 1. 5 New Photos in color, 3 frontal and 2 profile infantil-size, 2. Your current FM3 or FM2 booklet, 3. A copy of your passport.

20. This being so new, I am sure that there are other items that you need to take that I have not listed but this is a start.

These instructions were written by Al Winn on the M/V Oso Negro in the hopes that they will help those of you who may be trying to navigate the new procedures for obtaining a FM2 or FM3.

If there are any errors in these instructions please contact me right away at and I will make the needed changes.

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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty Re: fm2-3 rules 2010

Post by dean Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:59 am

Naturalization regulations update, ongoing ...
Posted by: "sehablalapaz" sehablalapaz
Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:26 am (PDT)

It is so difficult to get the ENTIRE story in just 1-2 visits to gov't agencies, regardless of country, also due to individual histories upon application for naturalization.
So: here is at least more information that comes from Lic. Eduardo Sotelo R., attorney at the LAP SRE: (paricularly for residency)
1. Persons 60 and older do not have to take the naturalization exam.
2. All applicants will have a 10-15 minute conversation in Spanish with the examiner, topics of discussion at the examiner's discretion.
3. All must know the easier version of the national anthem.
4. Passport names must match birth certificates. For married women who have their husband's name, he states that this is a BIG problem. Mexican law. (we pushed him on this and he didn't budge and said, yes he understood that it is legal in the US and other countries but not here in Mexico)
5. Naturalization by residency is 5 years on an FM2. Doesn't matter how many years you have had an FM3.
6. Lic. Sotelo is more than happy to discuss each person's situation with them if you make an appointment with him Mon-Fri 8-2pm.
7. You have 5 chances to take and pass the exam, lifetime. You will get the results of the exam immediately. 4 of the 5 questions have to be answered correctly. They randomly choose from those on the web.
8. Processing time is usually 1 year, without problems.
9. Another frequent hangup is the notation from Immigration upon entering and leaving the country. Often times, it is not stamped but they have recorded it in the computer. When there is a discrepancy upon review, this hangs up the process = extra time needed to resolve.
10. The SRE webpage is current in all respects but does not have every regulation that is applied to the process.

For those considering the Se Habla...La Paz Naturalization Prep course, we highly recommend that you meet with this gentleman and have him review your individual situation.

We found him to be very friendly and forthcoming with the information. He has been with the SRE for 5 years.
Telephone numbers 612.125.0737 or 612-123-4500.


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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty test and prep for being a citizen

Post by dean Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:33 pm


Thinking about beginning the process of becoming a naturalized Mexican citizen? In addition to the residential requirements for application, the process is now more defined and demands that you:
1. Initiate the application process with excellent rationale given to become a Mexican citizen.
2. Demonstrate fluency in Spanish
3. Know the Mexican National Anthem
4. Answer randomly chosen questions at 80% accuracy

Se Habla…La Paz has designed a course to give you the tools to prepare you for the Naturalization exam that will break it down into manageable segments for easier learning.
Under the direction of Merit Rochin, Director of Education of Se Habla…La Paz, Spanish language school, the language instructors have contacted the SRE in La Paz and Mexico City in order to design a prep course that will give you the necessary tools to feel more confident in applying for and taking the Naturalization exam. This team of educators has:
A. Organized the online test questions into 5 categories for easier understanding of the history, geography, government structure, arts and culture and famous persons
B. Identified uncommon words and phrases used in the questions that may lead to mistakes
C. Studied the application paperwork in order to assist you in filling out the form
D. Prepared materials for you to take home to reinforce your acquisition of information
In addition, the instructors will evaluate and assist you in language practice to be able to adequately converse with the test administrators to prove fluency. This course will be given entirely in Spanish.

This 20-hour course will be held on April 26-30th at the school in La Paz. (Out-of-towners may stay with the school's homestay families if requested).

Cost: $100 USD
Application deadline for this course is April 21st.
Minimum of 4 persons needed to hold this course.

For more information and/or to apply, call or contact the school.
Juli Goff, Director
(612) 122-7763 SKYPE julidelapaz

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fm2-3 rules 2010 Empty fm2-3 rules 2010

Post by dean Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:41 am

From Los Barriles Pony Express:

FM3 and other 2010 changes

Mexico’s National Migration Institute published its Manual of Criteria and Migration Procedures. The Manual will be enforced as of 5/1/10 throughout the 32 delegations of the National Migration Institute in Mexico. Courtesy of AILA member Enrique Arellano.

• In the following weeks, the National Migration Institute will publish the formats of
the new migration cards that will replace the FM2 and FM3 booklets. Changes of
activity, domicile, marital status, etc. will no longer have to be annotated on the
migratory document, thereby allowing the foreign national the ability to travel in
and out of the country while a change of status/conditions application is in process
without having to request an exit and re-entry permit;

• Consular Posts will no longer issue FM2 or FM3 booklets. Instead, the Consular
Post will place a visa sticker on the foreign national’s passport, upon receipt of the
petition’s approval from the National Migration institute. The sticker will allow
entry into Mexico within 365 days of issuance. Upon entry, the foreign national
must obtain the new FM2 or FM3 migration card within 30 days.


The Migracion website does not address the issue above - yet.

Does anyone have a follow up for this?


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