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printers inkjet not recommended for the baja.

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printers inkjet not recommended for the baja. Empty printers inkjet not recommended for the baja.

Post by dean Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:22 am

A common problem with inkjet printers in the baja is the print heads drying out. If you do not print basically every couple weeks this is very common. I recommended never to buy a inkjet unless you are a heavy user, buy a laser printer as they do not have such issues. Once the heads dry out in general without special equipment they are toast. I have used special syringe type adapters from specific printers and they work, those can be found on ebay for some of the top selling printers, and are under $20.00 I think. Also a ultrasonic cleaner they can be cleared, but that requires print head removal and the cleaner is not cheap. I am not aware of any place in LaPaz that has such equipment. For those who do have ink jets and leave for the season, if you buy one of these cheap syringe flushers you can flush your printer upon leaving for the season and your printer will be fine.


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