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Aguinaldo Holiday Pay & Vacation Pay for 2016

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Aguinaldo Holiday Pay & Vacation Pay for 2016 Empty Aguinaldo Holiday Pay & Vacation Pay for 2016

Post by dean Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:31 pm

Aguinaldo Holiday Pay & Vacation Pay for 2016
by yucalandia

Dec. 9, 2016
As all the Christmas holiday chatzkies are appearing on store shelves, and as we make our holiday plans ... It's time to remember our beloved household help and employees (including muchachas y mozos).
Please plan ahead to pay them their end of the year Aguinaldos by December 20'th. (and to also pay for their vacation days) ... This pay is NOT a optional bonus. Our Mexican workers and their families count-on and depend on these critical annual payments owed to them.
Basically the Aguinaldo is 15 days of pay. (calculated on a 7 day work wk)
The annual aguinaldo is the equivalent of 15 days of “Daily Rate” pay.
It is NOT a Christmas bonus. It is a mandatory wage payment that is due by the 20’th of December. The aguinaldo is equivalent to at least “15 days wages”, and may be pro-rated if the employee has been working for you for less than a full year.
** If a worker is hired to work by the week, the “Daily Rate” equals their weekly pay … divided by 7. If he / she is hired by the month, the “Daily Rate” is the monthly amount divided by 30.
**Daily Rate Simplest Example… If you have an employee who works two days a week ~ for the entire year ~ for $350 pesos each day = $700 pesos a week:
$700 pesos / 7 days = $100 pesos per day at their “Daily Rate”
$100 pesos “Daily Rate” x 15 days of Aguinaldo pay = $1500 pesos
Note that if they work only a part year:
An alternate way of calculating the aguinaldo is determined by multiplying the total days they worked in current year by 15, then divide by 365 days, and then multiply by the daily rate:
For a part-year worker coming in for 2 days a month for 9 months =>
18 days … x … 15 days of Aguinaldo = 270
270 / 365 = 0.7392 … 0.74 x $Daily Rate ($100 pesos?) = $ _____
Note. The “Daily Rate” is based on a full week. For example, if your maid only works two days per week, and gets paid $700 pesos per week ($350 pesos per day of work). You take the weeks salary of $700 divided by 7 = $100 pesos is the Daily Rate.
Vacation pay
Vacation pay for current year worked. … Remember that this is the official Mexican Labor Law’s “Daily Rate” ** (see below) … and remember they should also receive this pay for all past years worked.
1st year – 6 days salary
2 years – 8 days
3 years – 10 days
4 years – 12 days
5 to 9 years – 14 days
10 to 14 years – 16 days
15 to 19 years – 18 days
20 to 24 years – 20 days
25 to 29 years – 22 days
30 to 34 years – 24 days
35 to 39 years – 26 days
Happy Holidays !
* * * *
See more details at our Full Articles:
… and
* * * *
Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry
Read on, MacDuff.
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