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Lost Residente Permanente or Temporal read here

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Lost Residente Permanente or Temporal read here Empty Lost Residente Permanente or Temporal read here

Post by dean Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:19 am

Consulate Requirements for Residente Permanente or Temporal Card Lost Abroad

This article lists the official INM requirements for applying for a temporary entrance visa at a Mexican Consulate (to return to Mexico legally), in case of a lost, stolen, or destroyed Residente Permanente card or Residente Temporal card while traveling outside Mexico.
If you lose your INM residency card whlie traveling abroad, do NOT try to enter Mexico under a “tourist”/Visitante/FMM – because INM can cancel your current temporary or permanent and charge you with visa fraud (trying to have 2 permits at the same time). Instead, go to a Mexican Consulate first, and give them: a copy of a police report (reporting the stolen card/wallet), ID photos & passport. Also plan to pay of a small fee.
We are presenting this as the original Spanish language Nov. 8, 2012 INM Lineamientos official DOF publication,  for people to print-out to give to the Mexican Consulates.  Original Chapter 4 of the Lineamientos can be found at:

Capítulo IV


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