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do not click on the ads... read here

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do not click on the ads...   read here Empty do not click on the ads... read here

Post by admin Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:54 am

 I am paying for the site so there should not be any ads, if you see some please copy and forward to me.   so please contact me.

Also if you are not logged in you cannot see the pictures posted or click on links.    So you need to log in...

also there is a new for trade section.    In the not wanted you can not put sell, USD or pesos.      you can put in clams, or shells or so on.  

a reason to create a username and log in is you can click on the links.

when you create an account it can be 1-10 days before I approve you.

2/2016 adding...  
some people are confused about how many information sites there are for our town.    I have a history of the internet info elsewhere on this site.  

the ventana view is not the same as this site, it is run by a different person.  

This site, is more for retrieval of info by category.    So if you use this site please pay it forward and add something that people will find useful if you use it..      

The first baja sur specific site was a yahoo usergroup called bajalovers  that one is not in operation and what I use it for is urgent notifications as they can be sent instantaneously, say a suspicious activity, something is stolen, a pet lost and so on.  

updated yahoo has closed down bajalovers and all groups like that.

The ventana view run by another individual is all the current events and so on, it is not public so you you have to sign up you will then get the broadcast email 3 times a week in the winter.     some who are coming down just for 1-2 weeks  I believe now that it has moved to mailchimp you can cancel easily and just re-join before you return again.     to get the ventana view sign up at

also the click page view counter is set to only record the actual people who are registered, it does not count the people who do not have accounts.     The actual viewers is about 70 a day upto 500 a day.

also please pay it forward, if you use this info site please add to it when you find some info to share.

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