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LaPaz Bus to; Pichilingue, Balandra and Tecolote

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LaPaz Bus to; Pichilingue, Balandra and Tecolote Empty Re: LaPaz Bus to; Pichilingue, Balandra and Tecolote

Post by dean Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:18 pm

facebook wrote:
Anthony Boesen Los Planes to La Paz bus - use this information at your own risk.

I think I am one of the few Americans that will ride the bus. In all the years of riding the bus I have only seen one other American. I like the adventure of immersing with the locals.

I took the bus back from La Paz the other day. This is what I learned.

The bus leaves Los Planes in the morning around 6:50 am. If you want to catch the bus for La Ventana residents you need to be at the intersection of El Sergeant - La Ventana Highway and Los Planes to La Paz Highway before 7:00 am. This is important, the drivers of the bus alternate every other week. The young driver will not go into La Ventana, the older driver will. I am told the older driver will go though La Ventana in the morning around 7:30 to 8:10.

The bus still parks at the corner of Nicholas Bravo and Gullermo Prieto in La Paz. There are no signs on this bus, it is white and blue. This is a five block walk to the Malecon (water front – beach). You will see the whale shark boats as you enter the beach. There are several good places for breakfast. I know that KM-0 and an open air hotel just two more blocks to the east have good internet.

After breakfast, I go to the tourist office to check out anything new. You can explore the downtown shopping area. There is an open air / street market to browse through.

For the more adventurous there is Bus Centro, 2 blocks south and 2 blocks west of the tourist office. You look for buses that takes you were you want to go. Example: the Wal-Mart shopping area. Cost is 10 pesos per trip. If you do not see the bus you need ask, I found my bus to be at a different pick-up spot then last time. The buses are run by independent operators as far as I can tell. The Wal-Mart bus will give you an interesting tour of La Paz, but be assured it you will get you to Wal-Mart. My newest discovery is Chedraui, the grocery store. They have almost everything. Well organized and clean. They even have a North American food section.

Getting home: Be at the bus before 2:00. If you do not catch the bus on time, you will need to find another ride or stay in La Paz that night. Do not go on the highway at night.

The true cost is 70 pesos according a local La Ventana girl; I just gave him 100 pesos and got no change back. I also tipped him 20 pesos. I think that helped, in that he came to La Ventana before going to Los Planes. I was dropped off at Playa Central. A short walk home and life is good.

Tips: Be sure to let him know you are going to La Ventana. There is only one bus a day. You will need to check for Saturday and Sunday times. Always ask the driver for the time he is leaving. A little Spanish can go a long way. Ride closer to the front of the bus; the back of the bus can be a jarring ride. There is a small shopping center across the street from the bus location. It is a great place to buy some items before going home. Example: meats and groceries, several eating places inside. The Banos is 5 pesos in the shopping center.


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LaPaz Bus to; Pichilingue, Balandra and Tecolote Empty LaPaz Bus to; Pichilingue, Balandra and Tecolote

Post by dean Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:02 am

Every day of the week Eco Baja Tours runs a bus from the La Paz Malecon Tourist Bus Terminal to all of the beaches.

Unfortunately there is no printed or online schedule. We have spoken with the bus scheduling team to provide you with the bus schedules for the beaches.

Tickets can be purchased at the bus terminal on the Malecon which is on the corner of 5 de Mayo and Abasolo (The Malecon).

Departure Time Final Destination Return Time
06:00am Pichilingue 06:30am
07:00am Pichilingue 07:30am
08:00am Pichilingue 08:30am
09:00am Pichilingue 09:30am
10:00am Balandra and Tecolote 10:45am
11:00am Balandra and Tecolote 11:45am
12:00pm Balandra and Tecolote 12:45pm
01:30pm Balandra and Tecolote 02:15pm
03:30pm Balandra and Tecolote 04:15pm
05:00pm Balandra and Tecolote 05:40pm
06:00pm Balandra and Tecolote 06:40pm
The bus stops and collects at all of the beaches along the way meaning if there are more passengers than usual or traffic because of the Ferry arriving etc the bus may be delayed by a few minutes from these times.

The cost per person varies depending on your final destination and are based on 1 direction only. Double up the fee to count up the return trip.

Start/End Beach Price (Pesos) Beach Services
Caimancito (La Concha) $10 R&B
Tesoro $28 R&B / Ps / W/C
Pichilingue $50 R&B / R / H / Ks
Balandra $70 Ps / Ks / F
Tecolote $70 R&B / Ps / Ks / Js / C / W/C
Beach Services Long Form
R&B – Restaurant and Bar
Ps – Beach Palapas
Ks – Kayak Rentals
Js – Jet Ski Rentals
C – Camping
W/C – Bathrooms
F – Food Vender
H – Hotel
R – Boat Ramp


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