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alternative to telmex lines who wants one?

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alternative to telmex lines who wants one?   Empty Re: alternative to telmex lines who wants one?

Post by dean Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:14 pm

Alberto L Sandoval.
IT Department. 
CSMNetworks Developed IT Deparment.
CSMNetworks - Communication Solutions Department.
Tele-Communication and  Surveillance Solutions  That Works..!!!

521 -(612) 141-4091. Mexico Movil.
    1-(845) 823-1185. USA.

La Paz Baja California Sur, MX .CP 23050


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alternative to telmex lines who wants one?   Empty Re: alternative to telmex lines who wants one?

Post by dean Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:47 pm

Hi Folks,

Please allow me to relate a story or two about our internet situation here in Ventana/Sargento.  We went through the TelMex meat grinder trying to get a connection even though we have a telephone line.  We pulled every string we could find and nothing worked even having one of our more persuasive, agressive young Mexican lady who normally gets things "accomplished" pretty much camp out in the Tel Mex offices - all to no avail.  We were turned down flat by TelMex!

Alberto and his company were introduced to me after they had worked with our La Paz office and they installed a Broadband connection from his company's Los Planes offices to one of the ranches in the hills - line of sight to Los Planes.

We didn't have line of sight to Los Planes from our house location below Oscarito's so Alberto suggested we could install a Satellite ISP connection which we did.  This system worked well, with some bandwidth limitations for amount of traffic during a 24 hour period, but those are the rules imposed by HughesNet.  We were very pleased to have internet and then HughesNet's Accounts Billable started to get weird.  They started billing us an exhorbitant amount and when we talked with HughesNet billing department, they were unable to resolve the issue.  They were able to continue to bill us way more per month than we had contracted for but they couldn't seem to find out why they were charging us so much extra. 

We talked with Alberto and his company also talked with HughesNet with no resolution of the overcharging.

Our solution was to shut down the credit card that was being billed by HughesNet.  This resulted in HughesNet stopping the internet connection.

Here's where it gets interesting - Alberto and his company stepped up and reactivated the HughesNet connection using their own credit card and assured us we would get the interent connection we had paid for and they would make sure we would not have to pay anything additional!  We are obviously 125% in support of Alberto and his group of Professionals!

As an aside, HughesNet has realized their mistake and we have received a partial credit, again thanks in part of Alberto standing behind us.  We'll be repaying the money Alberto's group paid in our behalf.  They didn't have to do what they did but they are obviously a company looking toward the future.

Today, Alberto completed the repeater link from one of the ranches up the hill to our house in Sargento, located below Oscarito's.  We do not have a line of sight connection to Los Planes but using the repeater link, we are able to connect directly to their Los Planes fiber optic connection.  There are no bandwidth restrictions and the speed is much better than the HughesNet connection without the ~450mB per 24 hour limitations and the speed is light years better than any of the TelMex connections we've used at various places around Sargento/Ventana.

If any  one has any questions regarding Alberto's group, please feel free to email me or call and I can fill in more details if you'd like.  Definitely "2 Thumbs Up" for Alberto's group!!

We are going to help folks at Ancon by activating an additional link in the coming week or so.

Very Best Regards,

John R

here was a test today my telmex vs this other companies.   Vs telmex they are doing great..  in the summer i do get what I am pay for but has been a long time since I tested.    

we're averaging about 75ms ping, 1.65mbps download and 0.42 upload

about the same as our home DSL in Durango, Colorado.

On 02-Mar-14 8:45 PM, Dean wrote:
Have you done a speed test with any free online service  here is mine today (telmex) which is horrible..   0.45 Mbps download  and upload 0.20 Mbps  ping, 1244ms

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alternative to telmex lines who wants one?   Empty Re: alternative to telmex lines who wants one?

Post by dean Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:32 pm

Based on my e-mail, I had a short exchange with Alberto today.
First message:

Thanks Lloyd today I'm going to install another wireless system at sargento, since our meeting I'm been working with Mr . Reynolds and Now we've got Another repeater at the back side on La Ventana At the Hills,  today I will continue with  the installation and I hope next month I will have Another Repeater at Sargento too.  And the cost for the new subscribers it will be lower too. 


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alternative to telmex lines who wants one?   Empty Additional options for Internet in El Sargento?

Post by glassmike Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:24 am

Hey Dean!
I'm  a new user here.  Interested in getting Internet access north of El Sargento and am running into the same issue everyone has with no more DSL availability.  I've also experienced the poor speeds.  I saw the post you forwarded from a user Loyd regarding Alberto Sandoval's company CMS networks being able to provide internet & phone from Los Planes.  I'm interested in learning more about this.  Do you have any additional information?


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alternative to telmex lines who wants one?   Empty alternative to telmex lines who wants one?

Post by dean Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:27 am

Hi folks,
I've got a short window of Internet availability here in San Jose so I'll do my best to summarize our meeting on Tuesday.
Alberto Sandoval spent an hour or so with us. His presentation was very informal with no supporting documentation, my hearing is marginal, and some of the discussion was in Spanish, so I may have misheard or misunderstood some of the following. I welcome corrections.
Sr. Sandoval's company, CMS Networks, has two towers in Los Planos that are in line-of-sight of most of LV/ES. If your casa is within line-of-sight of one of these towers, then his company can deliver the following:
- Telephone
- Internet (3-to-5 megabits download; xxx kilobits upload -- as I understand, this should be fast enough to support Skype and video streaming)
- Installation takes two weeks
- One-time equipment cost is approx. $900 USD
- Monthly cost is $70 USD
If you need higher bandwidth, his company offers 10 megabits download for $120/ mo.
Service can be suspended and resumed if you are in the area part time
The hard part is this: they want cash in advance for equipment plus six months service, e.g. some $1,400 USD up front.
For my part, I would be nervous about putting up this much cash in advance without rock-solid confidence that the company is reliable, financially solid, and that they can deliver what they promise.
John Reynolds has had good experience with them and gives us his recommendation. It would be good if could get additional independent information and recommendations.
Sr. Sandoval says he will send me a proposal for connecting our casa. I'll have more definitive information when I get his proposal.
Sr. Sandoval suggests that one-time equipment cost per casa can be brought down considerably as follows:
CMS builds one or more towers in LV/ES and secures commitments from 50 or more customers per tower. Given the distribution of casas without telephone/Internet connections in LV/ES, they would probably have to build one tower on the south end of La Ventana and and a second on the north end of El Sargento to accommodate all casas that need service.
Clearly this is a longer term solution but, in some ways, optimal as long as Telmex refuses to make additional investment in our communities.
Please send me email addresses of friends or neighbors who need telephone/Internet service and I'll do what I can to keep folks posted.
All the best,


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