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going south from Otay crossing to ensenada

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going south from Otay crossing to ensenada Empty Re: going south from Otay crossing to ensenada

Post by dean Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:40 pm

if you want a long detailer write-up

Crossing Tecate/Otay to Blvd 2000 and on to Ensenada

The Tecate/Otay Mesa Crossing to Boulevard 2000 and on to Ensenada
I just got back from a couple of weeks in Baja California. I traveled down to Loreto and spent a week there getting my boat ready for the trip north. On the way north I stopped off at Bahia de Los Angeles and did some fishing. A question many people seem to be asking is “Where do I cross the border going south; north”? 

Well I have been going to Baja for over thirty years and here is my opinion on the subject. Traveling south from California you have the choices of highway 5, & 805 (TJ/Otay), 15 -94 East (Tecate) and 10 – 86/78-111 (Mexicali). Your choices are Tijuana, Otay Mesa, Tecate, Mexicali and Mexicali East. There is another crossing being built east of Otay Mesa which will be finished in a couple of years. 

If you choose the Otay mesa crossing follow these directions to blvd 2000."When you first cross at Otay you will travel over an overpass and see a sign saying Tecate/Mexicali. DO NOT take that exit, but continue on down to Industrial Ave. and turn left there. From there it is fairly simple as you continue heading east until you come to the junction to the toll road to Tecate and the road 2000 south to Rosarito and Ensenada on your right. 

Once you are on that just follow it all the way down until you come to the T intersection at Highway 1 and turn left. Follow it south until you can get on the toll road and you will only have one toll booth to go through before getting to Ensenada." 

I live in Riverside so I have all the options depending on where I will be going. I take 15 to the 8 east. Turn right on Spring Street and then on 94 east which will take me to the border turn off. I prefer to cross at Tecate unless I am going to San Felipe for a number of reasons. The gate opens at 6:00 A.M. and closes at 11:00P.M. 

There is a campground a few miles north of the border run by San Diego called Portrero, which you can book, online. Spend the night and hit the border first thing in the morning; after 6:00A.M. I find the Mexican authorities at Tecate are very friendly and are not too particular on what your taking into Mexico. 

If you have things to declare it is usually easier to cross at Tecate. At Tijuana sometimes they will divert you to Otay Mesa where they are very much into checking what your bringing into Mexico. This is basically the commercial crossing as is Mexicali East. 

I usually get my FMT from the Vagabundos office (vagabundos .com), which usually costs about $25 depending on exchange. A FMT is needed if you are staying longer than 3 days in Mexico; it is good for 6 months. By getting a FMT through the Vagabundos office ; I only have to get it stamped at the border. 

At Tecate you go down a block and drive around the block to a parking area. Walk back to the Immigration office and get your paper stamped. Now you are good to go for 6 months. If you need to get a FMT you can get one here and if the bank across the street is open you can pay for it, bring it back and finalize it. Sometimes however the bank is not open, so you have to wait until you get ask for it at Guerrero Negro. 

I usually drive south through the Valley de Guadalupe which a wonderful area of Baja featuring many boutique wineries and restaurants. Now however they are working on the road and there is about 14 miles of dirt diversions. Not to bad but if you are towing something not the best. 

A route people are now taking is the Blvd 2000. As you cross at Tecate you go straight, turn left, than right, over the bridge and up the hill to the Mexicali/Tijuana Quota road. Take a right towards Tijuana and you’re on the Quota road, a very nice road. You eventually come to the tollbooth, which is 88 pesos if you’re not towing anything; about 120 pesos if you’re towing. Now as you go through the tollbooth veer left towards the sign that says Rosarito/Ensenada. The right turns goes to Tijuana. You are now on Blvd 2000 a wonderful smooth highway to the coast. Stay on 2000 until you see the sea and come to the “T”. You then turn left towards Puerto Nuevo/Ensenada. You are now on the libre road (free road) after a few miles you will have the opportunity to get on the Quota road to Ensenada. It will come out right before the last tollbooth; 30 pesos. After that it is straightforward into Ensenada. 

When you return going north; you get on the Quota north of Ensenada towards Tijuana. Pay your 30 pesos and then look for “Primo Tapia” , this is the off ramp road, which turns very quickly going underneath the highway and on to the libre road parallel to the coast. This is a fairly good road. You then travel for a few miles until you come to Popotla. Here you will see the sign for Blvd 2000 Tecate. Turn right and stay on the highway to the tollbooth. Do not take the turn off for Libre Tecate turn off! Stay in the two left lanes. Before the tollbooth there will be an option for Tijuana; don’t turn. Pay your 88 pesos and drive until you see the Tecate off ramp. Goes under the highway and back down the hill; watch out for the stop signs. Over the bridge, turn right and follow the signs to border crossing. Usually less than hour.


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going south from Otay crossing to ensenada Empty Re: going south from Otay crossing to ensenada

Post by dean Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:39 pm

going south from Otay crossing to ensenada Otay_t10


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going south from Otay crossing to ensenada Empty Customs declaration at Otay Mesa, aduana

Post by dean Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:18 pm

Now at the border, where to declare cutoms items  at Otay Mesa.  when crossing the border from USA to Mexico.  
enter the declare lane on the far right. go to the parking lot below, at the parking part go to the left side for easier parking where the red star is in the lot. park and in the lot there is a little aduana stand, get a declare list from them, list your items and take back to the parking lot hut. they will inspect. and stamp it. then go to step 2.

Step 2 enter into this building with the star, there are windows in front they will calculate your fee due. then the windows to the right are the bank you pay. to pay, USD not accepted. Once you pay then go back to the first window and they will stamp it and you now go to your car and drive to gate.

Step three once you have paid and have the document return to car and drive out to gate, push button and hand over your paperwork. He will give you a receipt and you proceed to last gate and he will open when you show document.

going south from Otay crossing to ensenada Second10

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going south from Otay crossing to ensenada Empty going south from Otay crossing to ensenada

Post by dean Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:49 pm

Directions from Otay Mesa to Ensenada

 from terry  and modified by dean
Otay Mesa Crossing  using BLVD 2000 (Corridor 2000)

NOTE: At your first opportunity after crossing the border, stop at a 7/11 PEMEX gas station and pick up a Tijuana and Ensenada city street map if needed.

To get to the Otay crossing from USA:

Take the 5 or 805 Freeway south to the 905 Freeway east. The 905 turns into Otay Mesa Road. Get into the center or right lanes. Otay Mesa Road veers to the right and sets you up for the border crossing.  there is a new shortcut that was just finished that saves a few stop lights.   Follow this and it leads you to the border crossing.  

Don’t forget your Mexican auto insurance!!!!!

DO NOT take any narcotics, guns or ammunition into Mexico!!!!!

To get from the Otay crossing to the Toll Road at Popotla using Blvd 2000:

When you cross at Otay and clear Mexican Customs, you will be on Garita de Otay. Proceed straight ahead (get into the left lane) for one mile to the first STOPLIGHT controlled intersection which will be Industrial Blvd. There is a tire shop on your left hand side of this intersection. Also signs indicating TECATE/MEXICALI.

Turn left onto Industrial Blvd and proceed straight ahead for approximately 5 miles. Follow the traffic signs that indicate "TECATE" and "MEXICALI". Stay in the left hand lanes as you will proceed over the new business district overpass and just ahead pass under a pedestrian footbridge with "PANASONIC" written on it.

After you pass through the warehouse/industrial district, you will drive down a slight downgrade.....get into the right hand lane.

At about the 5 mile mark you will see signs indicating "TECATE" toll road to your left (straight) and "ROSARITO" "ENSENADA" and "BC 201" to your right. Take the right hand turn to Rosarito. You are now on Blvd 2000. May also be marked as Corridor 2000.

Proceed straight for approximately 26 miles, following the signs for "ROSARITO" and "ENSENADA"

Be cautious as you first enter Blvd 2000 as you will be passing through a urban area with cross traffic and pedestrians.

After about 26 miles, you will pass under the Toll Road and come to a "T" intersection with traffic signals that do not work. This is Popotla and the "Free" road. The old Fox-Baja studios and Rosarito are located to your right. Be careful at this intersection as the traffic to your right headed southbound has a stop sign, but some vehicles observe the quaint Mexican custom of ignoring it.

here is once you get off 2000 and see the water.
when this great roads ends you see the sea... you go under HWY 1D cuota (toll road) and take a left heading South towards Ensenada as shown in this picture.

(it is reported there is a new toll booth here, I am not sure if you can get on right here.  if you can please tell me.)

going south from Otay crossing to ensenada P1000711

Turn left onto the free road and proceed to the toll road on ramps at Cantimar or La Mission, southbound. As you head south, you will want to be in the left lane to get onto the the toll road 1D but this will be several miles (8 miles) about 10 minutes, traffic is not bad. as you hit Puerto Nuevo (sign below) be ready (looking) to get on the toll road with an entrance that is a bit hard to see on the left..  the entrance to 1D is reported to be another 2+ miles south from this sign, also stated 3rd or so stop sign from the below sign.  If you pass the Pemex on the right you went about 100 yards to far.  

going south from Otay crossing to ensenada P1000760-600x316
Below: turn here, towards ensenada south. be in the left lane as you enter Puerto Nuevo to get on this entrance ramp. note head to ensenada south. this entrance is a bit hard to see so again once you see the above Puerto Nuevo sign make sure you are in left lane and not driving fast look for this entrance.   It is at the stop sign where you see the first Pemex on the right about 100 yards ahead.  It is a wierd turn left then a right onto the toll road entrance.  

going south from Otay crossing to ensenada P1000713
just one toll remaining once you get on the hwy1 cuota (toll) road before ensenada... .and lastly disclosure, I do not warrant these are perfect, just pretty good...

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