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nationalizing a car, Mexican drivers license

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nationalizing a car, Mexican drivers license Empty nationalizing a car, Mexican drivers license

Post by dean Fri Jan 06, 2023 9:12 pm

two or three things about LosPlanes and ATM and similar to our DMV,

I noticed a bank atm next to the Los Planes police department. Anyone used it?
Next the building next to it where you can get western union, pay bills, I was able to set up an appointment with them to have my usa plated vehicle changed and titled and plated in Mexico. They set up the paperwork and you go to LaPaz to pay at the bank and turn the paperwork in with inspection. Your vehicle has to meet certain criteria like made in north america, and my vw is made in Mexico(i think first title digit has to be 1,2,3) you need a curp number, a Mexico drivers license, a bill with your name on it. And the cost appears to be 2500 pesos. You are allowed one vehicle.

You can also get a Mexican drivers license at that office in Los Planes. I think you need a curp number to do so, but no test. You do need a blood test.

Went to my appointment in LaPaz past the airport turn off after the segundos on the right, and the park is on the left, and secured my new plates, total cost was USD$130.00 paid at the bank before and USD$100.00 for the plates themselves. Renewal/safety inspections are about USD$30.00 a year and can be done in LosPlanes.


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