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make your own mosquito trap... seminar

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make your own mosquito trap...  seminar Empty make your own mosquito trap... seminar

Post by dean Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:59 am

I have even now caught some mosquitos in the winter in my trap as recently as 1 week ago some new hatchlings..   This really works so time for others to get their locations protected.     Again this does not trap mosquitoes that are hunting for blood, this one is for trapping them once they have blood and are going to lay eggs.     You still have to clean up your area.    

We will explain how these work and show you how you can make them with 15 cents of materials at your own home.     Yes for those who are not as crafty I can sell either the components or finished units.    If you are just here to learn how to make them, your donation is bringing me three 3-liter empty bolles that have been cleaned out and have a cap.   Not crushed.      

make a day of it see the kiting classic...

I with the help of a friend Jon, I will be putting on a DIY discussion on how to make your own mosquito traps that work on the disease spreading AE mosquito that we have here in the baja.    You should gain the knowledge of how to make your own traps by the conclusion of the event, though I show how to do it on my website.      I have successfully made a one-way or dead end mosquito trap for the AE mosquito and tested it and it works.     Basically, this is a what is termed a ovi-trap that does not allow the mosquito to escape is my improvement for 15 cents of screen material.  Ovi-traps have been used for over 50 years.    You can read up on my website.   I have a good location secured that has plenty of seating space available in LaVentana where the farmers market is held.   My trap can be made with 15 cents of screen hot glue or silicone and a coke bottle.   Just add water, we will explain the theory too.  It does have the capability to stop dengue, zika, and so on dead in its tracks.     If you are not crafty minded I will also sell the components that you just put in a 3-liter soda bottle for a low price.       You should have about 4-6 around your home, these should last for 5-10 years just adding water.    You will need to bring a chair to sit on, and several uncrushed rinsed out 3-liter coke bottles is the donation to me so I can make more traps.     The date I am planning on is January 26th right after the farmer’s market in LaVentana, which is also the same day of the LaVentana Classic tournament if you wish to stick around for some events.      This will be easy to find because it is on the main road just after the main campground and plenty of the signage for the farmer’s market on the main road.   Tentatively at 12:30 right after the morning farmer’s market.    Please bring a chair as there are none available at the location.  Contact me though my website, see ya there. Dean.


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