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Post by dean on Thu Aug 08, 2019 3:26 pm


Capsules made of thyme oil and corn starch used to kill mosquito larvae


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Post by dean on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:31 pm

I found a crack in my neighbors septic tank in the spring and have been putting in mineral oil which has eliminated all mosquitos in my location.  I put in about 1 ounce every 2 months.    Once it cools off I will reseal their tank. If driving down I would recommend buying a gallon of mineral oil from amazon, about $20.00 it is usable for many things in addition to stopping mosquitos breed in pools, tires, other open water things like fence posts.    I presently have no mosquitoes where last year was killing 10 a day with a fly swatter because of my neighbors crack in his septic tank.  This has been for 3 years that I have had the problem. 


Durvet 01 1111202 Mineral Oil for Livestock - Gallon  free shipping with prime $22.00

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There is also anecdotal evidence of a home remedy that is effective in the control of mosquitoes in water sources.  Putting a few tablespoons of mineral oil in your water source many kill many mosquito larvae.  You need enough oil to create a thin film across the entire surface of the water.  The oil prevents the larvae from being able to breathe causing them to suffocate.  Livestock usually will still drink from the water, so it is a great mosquito control method for stock tanks.  However, adding oil to the water is not healthy for fish.

If you can seal the pipe openings through which the rainwater enters the containers, mosquitoes won’t have any water upon which to lay eggs. An old time solution is to pour a tablespoon of mineral oil onto the water in each barrel to prevent larvae from breathing at the water surface.

$16.00 and free shipping


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