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who owns a lot of water here?

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who owns a lot of water here?    Empty who owns a lot of water here?

Post by dean Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:38 pm

Owns Wal-Mart and Sam's could use up to 14,000 cubic meters of water in BCS

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Owns Wal-Mart and Sam's could use up to 14,000 cubic meters of water in BCS
1728_christy-walton_620x350La Paz, Baja California Sur.- Two companies linked to Christy Walton, one of the richest women in the world have the approval of the National Water Commission (Conagua) to use 14 billion cubic meters a year of water from springs near Picacho Blanco mining concession and Environmental Management Unit Rancho Cacachilas, both owned.

In a thorough review of the Public Registry of Water Rights (REPDA) found that companies SDPnoticias Mrs. Walton, Cacachilas, S. de RL de CV and Las Cieneguitas, S. de RL de CV, 10 concessions have the vital liquid south of the city of La Paz.

The interests of the millionaire seem to focus on Cacachila saws and El Novillo, according to experts, areas of importance in recharging aquifers in the municipality.

Concessions and use
The Cieneguitas, S. de RL de CV, on April 3, 1997, received the concesión01BCS102169 / 06GPDL15 for cattle use to extract thousand cubic meters per year from the aquifer No. 323 15 Basin, located in Los Planes.

In the same aquifer, August 6, 2001, he obtained concesión01BCS104789 / 06IMDL12 for multiple use (two or more applications, even industrial) of 3 billion cubic meters of groundwater.

On November 3, 2010, he managed the 01BCS106033 / 06GODL10 titles for the use of 1,500 cubic meters of surface water; 01BCS106034 / 06GODL10 to use 1,500 cubic meters of El Venado spring; 01BCS106035 / 06GODL10 to use 1,500 cubic meters of spring La Trinidad, these for livestock activities.

The same day he received another, but purpose. Thus, they can grab 1,500 cubic meters of the spring El Chivato.

On the other hand, Cacachilas, S. de RL de CV holds the título01BCS152541 / 06GODL14 that protects the farm for the livestock sector 2 thousand cubic meters, each of the springs The Jalito and Water Corralito the arroyoEl Jalito.

Floors of the spring you can extract thousand cubic meters (01BCS152555 / 06GODL14) and birth Matancitas (01BCS152766 / 06GODL15), Conagua gave him the right to thousand cubic meters, both a year.

Walton miner

In an interview with Richard Kiy, on February 3, 2015, the company representative Cacachilas S de RL de CV said the investment agenda Christy Walton on the planet, does not provide for open pit mining.

This was stated after a series of briefing notes that reported the request made by the company to seek authorization from the Mexican environmental authority, and achieve mining exploration in an area of ​​more than seven hectares of the 5,888 hectares that make up the premises The Corralitos, Las Cacachilas, Las Cieneguitas and sneak.

The pretext was only comply with the requirements applying Semarnat because not to initiate the procedure, she said, her Picacho Blanco mining concession, located near the dam Good Woman could be withdrawn and resold to another interested in exploiting the mineral.

The October 30, 2008, the Ministry of Economy gave the title mining allotment Lot Picacho Blanco, file number 100/00435, with an area of ​​33, 461 hectares, according to the Official Gazette.

Kiy Picacho Blanco acknowledged that lies within the Ecological Protection Conservation (PEC) as established by the Local Urban Planning Program of La Paz.

Cacachilas had consulted the Conagua Media Availability Annual Groundwater, Aquifer (0323) Planes, Baja California Sur estimated at 200 meters the water table until 28 August 2009.

The ecological ranch

At the same time, in the same area it develops, with the bases of the Savory Institute, Rancho Cacachilas oriented employ rural communities, rather own the land, and currently has 20 employees in the project.

"Rancho Cacachila manage their lands responsibly, caring and quantifying their resources, and developing long-term economic activities. Rancho Cacachilas values ​​are based on the principle that what we do can impact the lives of many people as well as the environment. We are committed to leaving a legacy that respects the environment and at the same time benefit current and future generations. "Expressed in its website.

The Sneak, Dos Hermanos, Canoas and Cerro Pelon and floors are old ranches that are now being used for ecotourism activities as camping, biking, hiking, ride mules or horses, and bird watching.

According to in La Paz there is a deficit of 100 liters of water per second, caused by extraction problems, lack of zoning and leaks.


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