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reptile zoo in LaPaz

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reptile zoo in LaPaz Empty reptile zoo in LaPaz

Post by dean on Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:04 pm

I purchased a green iguana from them saturday. Needed a cage the next day,

amazing how 55 gallon plastic drums/ barrels can easily be made into a nice terrarium. Mine was used for strawberry jelly before. Cost in LaPaz was $27.00. one piece of plexiglass one stainless steel bolt with 2 nuts was all that I needed. Used a right angle cut off saw and drill were the only tools. Crude cutting but very effective and easy to clean out. The air holes were 1/4 inch and so easy for a 7 y.o. to drill.

Excuse the poor photograph the plexiglass glare is obnoxious and i could not find an angle that worked.

reptile zoo in LaPaz Sam_0014


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