Cabo Pulmo National Park up date

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Cabo Pulmo National Park up date Empty Cabo Pulmo National Park up date

Post by dean on Thu May 14, 2015 9:39 am


b.  Cabo Pulmo National Park up date ! , this weather its been very unusual in the sea of cortez , we have such a great visibility and nice and pleasant water temperature , flat ocean and some current from the south , so it makes the snorkeling and the diving very nice and comfortable , lots of sea life , pelicans , sea gulls , ducks all over near the shore feasting on sardines , dolphins and sperm whales swimming by our bay, and inland restaurants are getting really good food! ( Nancy's ) by far my favorite ask for sea food chile relleno , please come and visit and stay for a night and experienced our small villa solar power so nice and quiet !! Info and Reservationspepesdivecenter  (((at)  or Call me 6241418655 Have a great week ahead !! Pepe Murrieta


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