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opening comunity native sweatloge(iam in need for one)

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 opening comunity native sweatloge(iam in need for one) Empty opening comunity native sweatloge(iam in need for one)

Post by dean Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:16 am

Message subject : [Contact] opening comunity native sweatloge(iam in need for one)

Message content :

Hello there, my name is Daniel and I am spending the winter season in La Ventana. Been asking around this area for a community sweat lodge and I haven't found one.
so my next option is to open one for the community  with the help of the community.
its not a simple task and i would need as much help possible to do this.
So before posting I wanted to ask u if its ok to use this means to make it a reality ?  
This is a spiritual/body/mind marriage rite where ALL religions/ non religuis are welcome and to set/put/pray an intention of well-being, healing, prayer and peace in the community and for ALL our relations outside from the ceremony...and even it could be experience by some just like a vapor house(body detox).
I am an authorized sweat runner by elders in the USA (Native American) and from Mexico (Purepechas, Olmec, F.S.I.) this authorization is given by elders as a blessing by years of service and instruction to be able to run sweats.  
this ceremonies are normally made every full-new moons or any special dates,  b-days, kids sweats, grieving or every other day with a good set intention/purposes.

this is a description of a sweat lodge is:
from thesingingstone web pg
( My family in Colorado USA)

Inipi Wakan (igloo like structure)
Said to be the oldest rite, the Sweat Lodge Ceremony is one of purification. Individuals crawl to the left (ladies first) and clockwise to their spots. Hot lava rocks are heated outside of the lodge on a fire. They are then carried into a cloth covered willow frame hut to be placed into a pit. After the door is shut the inside of the lodge is pitch black with the exception of the red stones which we often refer to as the Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  Herbs such as cedar and sweet grass are then placed on the stones to assist in the healing of the Ceremony. Hot steam envelopes the lodge as the leader pours water upon the glowing stones. The loud drum throbs steadily as the singers join in with the appropriate songs. Participants are encouraged to connect in their own prayer to Great Spirit (God) while focusing on what is needing attention at that particular time. When the time is right someone calls out, Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! or All of My Relations! The flap is then opened. We do this for 4 doors and then exit the lodge to enjoy a feast together.
Fire  Sweat Lodge Preparatory Details                                                                                                    
The Singing Stone would like to warmly invite you back to the womb of the mother in our traditional Inipi or sacred sweat lodge ceremony.
Arriving 1/2 hour to 1 hour prior to the stated time for each inipi is suggested. By arriving early individuals become better acquainted and allows them time to make prayer ties. These ties are used in to project intentions (make prayers) before hand. Details like this may vary according to the situation or the intercessor. Lodges may last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Please bring a towel and a change of clothing if necessary. Women typically wear a long dress that covers the shoulders or a skirt and t-shirt. Men usually wear swim trunks. We would ask that women having their sacred menses or moon time to stay out of the lodge in order to maintain the energy in a flowing manner. Ladies are welcome to stay in the house if they like. Please leave your pets at home and do not attend our Ceremonies intoxicated. We are happy to offer a clean, drug free environment.
In our lineage it is tradition to offer tobacco to the person pouring water so we require everyone to bring this offering. We do not place a fee on Ceremonies. However, donations are what helps us to continue offering Native Teachings. We can always use donations of firewood, flat cedar leaf, sweetgrass, prayer tie material, and blankets. Monetary donations are the most needed. We look forward to joining in prayer to share with one another.  

To make this happen we need:
-Willing group to build the structure.  the more the better!
-A protected space to raise the sweat(where we can have a fire with no problems to the surroundings. (no animals drugs or alcohol in area)
-Lots of blankets to cover the igloo like structure.
-Fire iron tools: rake, shuvle, pitch fork, machete, hoe wheel barrel etc.
- fire wood (hard wood better) 2 to3 wheel barrel per ceremony. depending on weather, colder day more wood, hotter day less wood.
- barrel water or running water to rinse of after the sweat.  
- lava stones (i have them with me)
(and this igloo like structure will be burn on the last  i am not longer in town and all tools will go back to their owners)

Prying for a community sweat soon!
for any more info:
322 1181730 mex cel
Daniel R.


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