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boat registration via laventana view

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boat registration via laventana view Empty boat registration via laventana view

Post by dean Thu May 08, 2014 7:37 am


I thought it might be helpful to some of you to tell you about my experience getting a boat permit last Friday May 2nd. 
There is a new law that requires us folks with boats to get a permit for the boat if it is over a certain number of feet.  I think it's over 15 but I forgot to ask this question so I could be wrong.  Anyway this is the kind of thing that often turns into a hassle in my experience so I am writing primarily to let you know how easy it was.
You need to go to the customs office (Adunna) at Pichelingue the ferry terminal.  We drove into the lot and were greeted by a uniformed officer who asked us what we needed.  When I responded "permmisso para mi launcha" he directed us to the office and where to park.  We went to the office which was on the front side of the building just a few feet from our car.  The woman who helped spoke English. You need the following:
1 ORIGINAL  title for the boat and one copy
2 your passport and a copy
3 your immigration document (tourist permit or other) and a copy
4 if there is a trailer you may need a title and one copy.  I bought my boat in Wash. state and never transferred title of the trailer to Oregon but got by with the old Wash.title
5 the hull number of the boat (should be on the title) and the serial number of the motor
6 I also took insurance papers for my boat but was told they were not necessary
7 finally I did not have my boat with me and I noticed there was no parking for boat trailers--I mention this because something else I read indicated you needed to actually have the boat there for inspection
~~There was one item--my tourist card I think--that I had no copy of.  The woman directed us to another office just around the corner where they made us a copy for 2 pesos.
~~The permit was a bit over 700 pesos and is good for, get this, TEN years.  Such a deal.  The whole process took about 10-15 minutes.
~~If your title shows a lien holder--you still owe $ on your boat-- you will probably need some kind of written permission from them to take the boat into Mexico.  

Hope this is helpful---if you have any questions you can write me at atty.jackmorris@


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