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one parent traveling with child

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one parent traveling with child Empty one parent traveling with child

Post by dean Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:40 pm

There are new rules for the letter giving permission to bring a child into Mexico without both parents.
There are new rules for the letter giving permission to bring a child into Mexico without both parents.
“Entering Mexico with Children
Both the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and the Canadian government advise bringing a notarized letter from a parent who is not traveling with the children. The letter should certify that the children have their parent(s) permission to travel with the other parent.…w/parental%20consent.

The Mexican Consulate in Calgary, Canada now describes that this consent letter must be translated into Spanish and Notarized. For Canadians the document must also be “Legalized” to be accepted by Mexico: “If the document is issued in Canada it must be notarized, legalized by the Mexican Consulate or Embassy in Canada, and translated into Spanish.”

The SRE Website for Canada describes the Legalization process as:
Legalization of Foreign Documents (for Canada)
Consular legalization is performed on foreign public documents that must be valid for legal purposes in Mexico. Legalization may be provided to the signature and/or stamps contained in public documents. It is an act of certification through which the consular official certifies that the signature or seal is from a government office or official, or from a notary located within the consular jurisdiction. ... “

US citizen-children traveling without both parents must only have a translated notarized permission letter. We describe the basic elements needed in the letter in the link listed above.
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