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RV parks LaPaz

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RV parks LaPaz Empty RV parks LaPaz

Post by dean Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:39 pm

We stay at Hacienda del Sol in El Comitan. This is more of a long-term RV
park - they don't allow overnighters. It is also small and (about 7-9
spaces) and it might be full now. But you can check their website at

Another place is called Maranatha. It is on the left of Mex 1 as you go
toward El Comitan from the Whale's Tale. I have not stayed there, but I
understand it has quite a few places available.

There is a small camping spot on the water to the right of Mex 1 as you go
toward El Comitan. We visited there to get more information last summer - it
had just opened and they did not have sewer hookups (since they are so close
to the water). It may be worth checking them again.

Dorothy and Bill Bell maintain a website and have information about the La
Paz RV park. I am not familiar with this one. Their information can be found
at For
RVer's, they have an excellent travel log with Pemex stations (whether or
not they sell diesel), RV parks, etc. from the border to Cabo.

We use the Good Same Open Road Forum, specifically the forum for RVing in
Mexico and South America to stay current on roads, RV parks, regulations,
etc. That website is . If
that link does not work try - it is the same forum and you need
to sign in a get passwords, etc.

If you would like more information about RVing in the Baja and we can help,
feel free to email me at I have a good number of
RV parks in the Baja plotted with GPS coordinates for those of us who travel
that way. Since pulling a rig is a bit different than simply driving an auto
down the Baja, we use a number of resources (maps, etc.) to help us on the
drive down - including places where the streets are too narrow for an RV or
bridges too low. Any of the resources I have, I am happy to share


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