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cell phones

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Post by dean Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:28 pm

person asked:

do you only pay the day use fee on days you use it? what about on days
you only recieve calls? did you have to sign up for viva mexico plan
my answer:
Only the days you either call someone or answer the phone do you pay the $2.00 fee while in the USA. But while in Mexico they did not charge me a $2.00 fee, just 26 cents a minute.

And no, this is no plan, it is called a go phone plan. Pay as you go. It automatically works for mexico, I did not have to do anything. So no contract and such, you have to add time when you need it. And as I mentioned, for $100.00 it is active for 1 year and you have $100.00 credit that does roll over with another extension.
another person asked

I went to their is a bit convoluted to explain, but I think what I said below is correct. Key is the no charge when in mex other than roaming per minute...

Maybe I didnt read this closely enough, but are you saying the phone was $20, and you got 15 days of credit. If you dont talk there is no charge on those days for the 3 month period. Then if you talk it is per minute outside the us, and if you exceed the $2 daily, there is no $2 charge? So if you add $100 you get activated for a year with 50 days (additional?). The rate for calls internal in mex and to/from mex to us is 0.26 per minute.

Did I get that correctly?

my answer

Yep, when I bought it read their website, and could not definitively tell. So the actual use told me what is going on. that is why while in the usa made a call to mexico for no reason so I could see the charge on-line. And did the same down here and checked on-line.

Yep you pretty much have it.

Only clarification, they do not have a $2.00 fee for phone usage when out of the country. It is only a 0.26 per minute call fee.


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cell phones Empty cell phones

Post by dean Mon May 30, 2011 11:22 am

I recently purchased an att "go phone" pay as you go cell phone up in the USA while I was there. I went on the US plan of $2.00 a day for unlimited calls. while I was up there in the USA I was able to call mexico with it for $0.26 cents a minute. When you get on this plan it automatically allows mexico you do not need to sign up for anything else for it to work down here also.

After returning to Mexico I tested it and was able to call here in mexico for $0.25 cents a minute. And they did not charge me the additional $2.00 a day use because I was not in the USA for the unlimited calls. So this is a very good deal for those of us who do not live on our cell phones and do go up to the USA for trips.

I bought the this phone for $20.00 and it had $30.00 of credit (so 15 days of use in the USA included, use it one day for $2.00 and it will have the credit when you use it again in 30 days, 90 days or what ever your minutes came with) . and only pay the $2.00 when I actuallly use the phone (get a call or make a call, the phone can be on but if you do not answer it does not count as a day). With that plan, it is active for 3 months and then i have to add credit, if I do not add credit in that time I lose my credit and i get another month or so before the phone number is lost. If I add $100.00 of credit it is active for 1 year and i have $100.00 additional credit. If you add credit in a timely fashion yyou do not lose your old minutes that were not used.

and you can add credit online and see your entire detailed calling and account online. (lets say you lose your phone, well you can see where the calls were made)

I have a land line so this is a much easier to use system for me to make calls and to have a active phone for the states without paying a ton. I was using a net10 phone but is is so dificult to re-instate it and you could not call Mexico or use it in Mexico.

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