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cross-border mailing service and shipping

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cross-border mailing service and shipping Empty Shipping From U.S. To Mexico

Post by dean Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:46 pm

BWO shipping
Shipping From U.S. To Mexico - Voted # 1 freight forwarder in Baja. Bringing goods into Mexico ? When you need it done right the first time, we offer: •Reputation unmatched in the industry •Over 30 years experience •“On Time” Scheduling •Delivery at your front door •Cost Conscious. We can save you money •In house Customs Brokerage •Fully Insured - Courteous, efficient service - Family run corporation Let us show what real service is all about. You have our word on it. - Monica Page,,, (619) 661-1233


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cross-border mailing service and shipping Empty cross-border mailing service and shipping

Post by dean Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:11 pm

Re: cross-border mailing service

Sun Aug 8, 2010 2:29 pm (PDT)

From Message #3412:

His Name is Martin Hucke and his e-mail is
and also

His phone number is

and his Mexican cell phone 01-45-664-330-0731
He is very honest and reliable.

USA Phone: 619-565-1060
Mex Cell: 01-45-664-330-0731 (if from mex cell to mex cell, just starting with 664...)

I really like your community, specially the feeling that here everybody helps each other. This is not common in many societies we currently live in (sadly).

I send you a warm greeting from Tijuana, wishing you the best!

- Martin

Hola from San Diego

I'm about to use Martin Hucke's services. Understandably so, he wanted a
description of what I was ordering. I have provided this.

We now have a mail box with Correo International in Otay Mesa (suburb or San
Diego). The address is 2493 Roll Drive, San Diego, CA 92154. phone
619-671-8821 e-mail -

I have given Correo International Martin's name to add to our list of authorized
people. I just send them an e-mail to advise them that Martin will be picking
up the items I ordered.

I'm about to order a few items from for delivery at our mailbox at
Correo International.

Martin will pick them up and reship them to me from Tiajuana. I'll let you all
know how it goes.

Martin's cross-border mailing service makes ordering things so easy. Sure there
is a fee for his services. However, it's a lot cheaper than driving the Baja
myself to pick them up.


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