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luggage policies by airlines

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luggage policies by airlines Empty from canada

Post by dean Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:22 am

Alright then, rules are a changing. I've been looking at travel and allowable "excess" baggage. Airlines are starting to charge for extra bags or limit what you can take. I'm getting a little tired of weighing my bags to the nearest ounce and maxing out my carry on stuff just to get my basic kite equipment on board, and pretending I'm going South to "golf". Anyone who's had a check in clerk ask you to open your bag to see your golf clubs knows what I mean. A vacation can be ruined by an uninformed check in person who ends up charging you 240 bucks for and extra bag because they don't know what kite equipment is.
(I'm not gonna pack a couple golf clubs to argue with them either)

Here's what I've found out so.

Air Canada allows 23kg checked baggage - 10kg carry on - up to 23kg kite equipment, but charges as an extra bag at $20 each way.

Air Transat allows 20kg checked baggage - 10 kg carry on - only 10kg kite equipment (WTF)

Sunwing allows 25kg COMBINED carry on and checked (WTF) bump up to Elite plus and get 35kg combined. My travel agent is trying to get info on "kite equipment" as it is not listed in their allowable excess baggage. They charge $100 each way for kayaks, windsurfers and surfboards.

CanJet allows 20kg 2 pieces of checked baggage, 10kg carry on, and kite stuff "One kite board or one bag containing kite board equipment will be accepted towards our sporting equipment free luggage option" 20kg I traveled CanJet in Oct and had no issues.

This is what I've found out, please add any information that you might know of any other airline.

Take a look at the airline before you book your trip, it may not be such a deal if you have to pay so much extra for your stuff.
Sometimes if you upgrade your seat to "club class" or "elite plus" you get extra allowable baggage, something to consider, and you get a bigger seat and better meals.

Personally, I'm tired of playing the game sneaking my stuff on board, if it costs an extra 50$ to avoid the hassle at the airport, it's worth it for me. And get your travel agent to confirm what you can bring. Some airlines require you to "pre-book" your gear.


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