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maintain your meter circuit breaker and other tips

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maintain your meter circuit breaker and other tips Empty maintain your meter circuit breaker and other tips

Post by dean Thu Aug 31, 2023 10:00 am

you should do the following every couple of years,    one should shut the breaker off and verify with a low-cost voltage sniffer.     with a proper size screwdriver as large as fits see if it it tight.    Next, undo it and lube the screw and the wire with Vaseline or any dielectric grease and put the wire back in and tighten.    Also when power is down in town, I remove the circuit breaker and lube the circuit breaker contact that contacts the meter power tabs (DO NOT LUBE THE TABS OF TE METER ITSELF DUE TO RISK OF ELECTRICUTION) just the circuit breaker.      If you do the lube stuff your wires will last so many more years, as well as your meter box.

also I lube my outlets by taking a cord,  lube the contacts, and plug into the outlets.    

I also lube the wires when replacing outlets to minimize corrosion.   again with power off to the outlet and verifying with a sniffer.  

I also again do this with light bulbs and lube the bulb contacts.


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