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yolink alarm system questions and info

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yolink alarm system questions and info Empty Re: yolink alarm system questions and info

Post by dean Sat May 13, 2023 11:31 am

you have to have 1 hub, and at least two sirens.    and then determine what your protection methodology is for what you want to protect.   For instance I new thieves were going to go after my computer TV and safe years ago.     So I put on the door sensors on them so if someone moved my computer or TV or safe the  siren would go off, and that part is on all the time, never off.     That I will call stage in in basic theft protection.

Second stage is more sensors for doors and windows that you would turn on say going to lapaz or a walk or kiting.     Or even a motion sensor for that same purpose.    I also now have a vibration sensor on my safe as well as the door sensor.

I believe in 3 sirens is also good.     Because of the size of my property I have 4 hubs.    I also have cameras  which really are not great.    But say when someone opens one of my gates I then have the time they arrived if I need to look back at the cameras timestamps to find more information.


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yolink alarm system questions and info Empty yolink alarm system questions and info

Post by dean Sat May 13, 2023 11:29 am

I will answer question on youlink here

I was broken into 3 out of the first 5 years here 24 years ago. I am an engineer so designed a system to stop them and it did they tried to steal my safe and got their ears blasted inside and outside (2 sirens). that was 20 years ago. They never came back till last year, I had gotten to comfortable and was never locking my front gate anymore.

Last year 4 thefts because no problems for 15 years was leaving front gate unlocked at all times when multiple people were here. Then they came from the beach when I was locking the front gate after first break-in. so now new gates to the beach side were installed and cameras. Then I found an amazing alarm system ( I had been looking on and off for 20 years as always interested in alarms, my first US patent I paid for was for bicycles and for items at stores) Now the 4th time last year they tried to steal my safe during the day when no-one was here, gates still not in. (they were watching my car to know when not home) but same thing of 20 years ago they tried to steal my safe but they got to hear multiple sirens and so had to flee and got nothing. Now I have added some more contacts and sensors.

I have also after reading about the cars come up with an idea for their alarm systems, byw they have flood detection sensors, temperture sensor( could be used to warn you if fridge or freezer are not working as you can set temp before alarm notification.) they have a water shutoff that allows you to turn off the water remotely of during certain times. I use this on my water pump too, they have a water level sensor so you would know when the pila is low and it can email you to check it, they have 12 volt relays that I have on my front gate to electronically open it from anywhere in the world. I have it control all my kitchen ligts on a timing ciruit as well as one that is motion operated. I can control my pool pump, it has energy plugs so you can see if fridge is consuming too much power, if a window is left open at night it can notify you, gate left open for more than say 20 minutes, and for alarms they have indoor as well as outdoor motion sensors, they have vibration sensors, door open close sensors, several types of sirens, it can notify you by sms, email for free or you can have a secondary private service if one is availabe, no monthly contract, all sensors are low cost, battery life about double of any i have seen, range is about 200 meters including through concrete. you can have many different notification, home where only the TV, save, valuables are always on. Away where everything notifies and sets off siren, dod walk where it turns on a few more items to be watched like car (put in a vibration $30.00 sensor to the car, bicycle, quad, motorcycle)

there is only one or two sensors I would want. I asked them for a what we call vampites current device, so if the TV is unplugged, the mixer it would see that really low power and notify you. They said they have the energy plug but I have not had time to check if it can, I doubt it from my inital viewing of the fridge. Next if they had a device that you can geo fence. IE if the uad leaves the house when you are set for walking pet mode or from 10pm to 8am, or LaPaz mode when going to lapaz such that any motion in the garage of entryway it is set off to notify you. You would put one of these on even kite gear bags in the garage, bicycles, cars and so on. again you control all these with your phone app anytime anywhere.

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