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Post by dean Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:31 am

Carol from facebook post

I have a vegan friend who has spent a fair bit of the last year in the area. Since I have recently started following the WFPBNO way of living, I asked her for some help. This is what she sent me:

I listed the items you can find in Baja first, and then I included items I love, but that I can't find in La Paz or Cabo.

La Paz Finds

Chedraui - 2 blocks from the old Mega store
Excellent international aisle (near the wine department) has sugar-free/gluten free items, Asian seasonings, expansive selection of spices such as dill, paprika, curry powder, chili, etc.
Another international aisle exists in the middle of the store that displays pretzels, veggie chips, quinoa chips, and other snacks typically found in the U.S. and Canada
Edamame in the frozen food section.
Soyrizo (next to the chorizo) in the deli meat section
Tofu (usually in a stand alone refrigerated case by the wine section)
Hummus (in the same case as tofu)

City Club (La Paz):
Dairy-free Mozzarella (tastes good, but only if melted)

Nomada (La Paz):
Tahini (great for making your own hummus and salad dressings)
Soriana Hiper (near City Club)
Toasted sesame oil

Just Mayo Chipotle vegan mayo (our favorite vegan mayo to be used sparingly)

Cabo Finds:
Costco Cabo (La Ventana Pescaderia can order for you as well)
Simply Asia Ginger seasoning (for edamame)
Dairy-free mozzarella
This is Nuts spicy dip

City Club San Jose del Cabo (near airport)
Dairy-free mozzarella

California Ranch Market (About minutes south of Cabo airport. Another location is in downtown Cabo. It is very expensive, but you can find a number of vegan items here)
Earth Balance Butter
Vegan meats
Tofutti cream cheese
Shirataki noodles

Plant-Based Pantry Staples
Indian Black Salt (also known as Kala Namak) This salt carries an aroma and taste akin to the sulfurous taste we associate with eggs. I have more than I can use, and will be happy to give you some when we see each other.

Nutritional Yeast An inactive yeast that lends a cheesiness to any dish. You can purchase it in smaller quantities on Amazon, but the price per ounce will be higher. Sprinkle it on soups or popcorn. You'll want to bring this down with you.

Jackfruit in water or brine (not syrup!) Trader Joe's sells cans of jackfruit as do most Asian markets. Tasteless, jackfruit will absorb the flavors it's soaked in and has the texture of shredded pork. I can show you how to use it as a delicious meat-substitute.

Liquid Smoke The hickory flavor adds depth and smokiness to nut-based cheese balls and mushroom burgers.

Easy Go To Products When You're Pressed For Time (use sparingly)
Miyoko's butter and nut cheeses (There's a store locator on the website to find the nearest location.) Trader Joe's typically carries the butter and Whole Foods/Mother's Market carries the cheese. The Black Ash is the best, but she has about 9 other flavors of nut cheeses.

Just Mayo Chipotle Mayo or Regular Mayo. Found at Walmart in La Paz in the mayo aisle as well as on Amazon. Hampton Creek also has a store locator on its website to find products near you.

Trader Joe's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips These dairy free chocolate chips are also available on Amazon, but they're much more expensive than at the physical Trader Joe's stores.

Tools and Gadgets

Sesame Grinder. I love this little tool to grind sesame seeds, especially in the color red. In addition to facilitating absorption of nutrition, grinding also brings out more flavors in the sesame seed.

Herb Scissors I love this scissors to save time cutting large bunches of herbs. I also think they make a great gift for any one that loves the kitchen.

Veggie Spiralizer A few different styles of hand held veggie spiralizers are on the market, but this is brand is the most compact and least expensive that I've come across.


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