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paying CFE by credit card now allowed online

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paying CFE by credit card now allowed online Empty paying CFE by credit card now allowed online

Post by dean Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:50 am

I have someone who tried to pay CFE online with a US or Canadian credit card, they had some questions...  My bill is paid so I can not try.    

But you probably need to have an internet account with CFE which is easy, so create one.     I recently created a second one for a second meter I have.   I had a huge problem, it would not allow it.  

Here is what happened, best to have any old or new bill in front of you.  It asks for your name and account number and then you will create an account with password.     I use google translate.    

The problem was with my name, it must match exactly.     And I know how to spell my name and it would not accept.     Well with the bill, i saw a lone isolated "." period a few spaces after my first and last name.     That was the culprit.    Once I did that added the period after my name I was able to create an internet account and it allows you to see your current owed amount as well as download old bills.   And has a part that allows you to pay online. I could not do it because my bill was paid. But assume you just press pago and it will have the options.

You can create your account now to see your old bills and download them if you want before the next bill is due.  

Here is the link I use...  If you forget it, remember it is located right here from anywhere in the world.


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