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no see ums cedar gnats

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no see ums cedar gnats Empty Re: no see ums cedar gnats

Post by dean Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:24 am

I have a natural mosquito repellent that works on the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that we have here. Santi was allergic to deet so I purchased about 10 natural ones and only one worked. Anyway, the boo-boos are so bad right now I decided to see if it had any effect on boo-boos. As last evening i could not do my walk or cut it in half because I was being attacked. I got home and put that mosquito repellant on my ears which they were really attacking and sure enough, i was not being attacked in the ears where I was now comfortable. they were going after my eyes a bit but that was manageable but distracting. this morning went to go laundry and it was miserable. So went to the mosquito repellent and put it on my ears, nose, and forehead and sure enough, I was not being massively attacked anymore. Ya a few would come but nothing that required me the continuous swat. You do need to wear sunglasses to keep then away from your eyes still. And not 100 percent but it makes it manageable to be outside.

so I give a hands up to this natural mosquito spray. It is cheap too. I recommend people bringing it down big time... I have it listed on my website under mosquitos somewhere, sold on amazon.

I will try it on a few more people to see if they have the same results. Feel free to contact me and come up in the evening and be a test patient so you know it works for you. To me it does not smell bad either.

If it works for you,-you owe me a bottle... If it doesn't I will buy yours.

also remember to buy a bottle of high strength Benadryl down, it stops reactions very quickly to bee stings, man-o-war stings, jellyfish stings, ant bites, scorpion stings, stingray stings, unknown bites causing a reaction (those are just the things I have tested it with) and have even read part of the treatment to a rattlesnake bite is using Benadryl. If you ever use it and I know it works pay it forward and donate a bottle to the health clinic.


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no see ums cedar gnats Empty no see ums cedar gnats

Post by dean Mon May 15, 2017 11:41 am

these could be very similar...

I thought I would share my experience. I'm a new Ranch owner right near Virgin Utah, about 15 miles from St George by Zion Ntl Park.

Thousands of trees on our property, and of course millions & millions of gnats.

If you're a property owner and don't want to have to deal with gnats, then you need to spray your trees. We use Lindane and also sometimes Dursban 4e, spraying in April any tree within 100 yards of the ranch house. Both sprays are effective, and also have the added benefit of knocking back Bark Beetle larvae. You'll be amazed, we went from millions of gnats our first spring to virtually zero by our second year. On year 5 now, hardly see any gnats at all near the ranch house or garden any more.

However, our property is over 1500 acres, and we run cattle, and while we cannot spray every tree on the property, we've had good luck with repellents that contain Permethrin and Picaridin, as was noted by another user.

You use the repellent that contains 0.5% Permethrin on your clothing (do NOT spray on your skin or put the clothes on while still wet), and then a 20% solution of Picaridin on your skin. Deet is wholly ineffective against Utah Gnats, but those two tend to work well, and don't stink like Deet does anyway. Note that I have always felt that Picaridin gets a little bit grimy when it mixes with sweat, but way better than being eaten by gnats.

Have fun out there, be safe.


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