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duty costs and imortation

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duty costs and imortation Empty duty costs and imortation

Post by dean Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:31 pm

Import duty & taxes when importing into Mexico
Import duty and taxes are due when importing goods into Mexico whether by a private individual or a commercial entity. The valuation method is CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight), which means that the import duty and taxes payable are calculated on the complete shipping value, which includes the cost of the imported goods, the cost of freight, and the cost of insurance. However, the duties of some products can be charged based on a unit of measure. In addition to duty, imports are also subject to sales tax, customs processing fee (DTA), and in some cases to excise.
Duty Rates
Duty rates in Mexico vary from 0% to 140.4%, with the average duty rate at 13.97%. Some products can be imported free of duty (e.g. laptops, and other electronic products).
Mexico operates a ‘Simplified Regime’ for postal and courier imports. A global tax of 16% on the CIF value applies to:
Imports by post where the FOB value, i.e. product value excluding shipping and insurance cost, is between US$300 and US$1000
Imports by courier where the FOB value is between US$50 and US$1000

Preferential duty rates
Mexico has signed free trade agreements with a number of countries. To be entitled to preferential tariff treatment, a good must meet the "originating" criteria as set out on the Rules of Origin of individual FTAs. A certificate of origin is required upon importation for preferential duty rates to apply.
NB: Imports by post or courier do not automatically benefit from preferential tariff treatment as they clear customs through a simplified process. For preferential tariff treatment to apply a customs broker has to be assigned, and the import has to be cleared throught the regular customs clearance process.
Sales Tax
VAT is levied on imports at a standard rate of 16% calculated on the sum of the CIF value, duty, DTA, and excise if applicable. Some products can be imported free of VAT.
Minimum thresholds
Imports by post with a FOB value up to US$300 are free from all duties and taxes.
Imports by courier with a FOB value up to US$50 are free from all duties and taxes.
Other taxes and custom fees
DTA or Customs Processing Fee is applied to all imports at a rate of 0.8% of the sum of the CIF value and duty.
Excise is applicable to alcohol and tobacco products at rates between 25% and 160% on the sum of the CIF value and duty.

Local Customs office and contacts
More information on import declaration procedures and import restrictions can be found at the Mexican Customs website.
Related topics: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

from google translate so be careful

Your personal luggage without paying taxes. It consists of the following:

Goods for personal use, such as clothing - including a trousseau girlfriend-, footwear and toiletries and beauty products , provided they are appropriate for the length of the trip, baby items, such as chair, portable crib, stroller, walker , among others, including fittings.
Two photographic cameras or video recorders; photographic material; three portable equipment cell phone or other wireless networks; a team of global positioning system (GPS); An electronic agenda; a portable computing called laptop, notebook, omni or the like; a copier or portable printer; a burner and a portable projector with accessories.
Two personal sports teams, four fishing rods, three sliders with or without sails and their accessories, trophies or awards, provided they can be transported normally and commonly by the passenger.
An apparatus notebook for recording or reproduction of sound or mixed; or two recording or reproducing digital sound and a portable DVD player; a set of portable speakers, and accessories.
Five laser disks, 10 DVDs, 30 CDs, three software packages and five storage devices for any electronic equipment.
Books, magazines and printed documents.
Five toys, including collection, and a video game console, as well as five games.
An apparatus for measuring blood pressure and one to measure glucose or mixed and reagents, as well as drugs for personal use (in case of psychotropic substances should show the prescription).
Suitcases, trunks and suitcases or any other items necessary for the transfer of luggage.
A binocular and telescope.
Two musical instruments and accessories.
A tent and other items for camp.
A set of hand tools with its case, which may include a drill, pliers, wrenches, dices, screwdrivers, current cables, among others.
Passengers over 18 years, a maximum of 10 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of snuff; up to three liters of alcoholic drinks and six liters of wine.
Older adults and people with disabilities, which by its nature items remedy or reduce its limitations, such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, among others.

In addition, you can import without paying taxes, up to three pets or pets that you bring, such as cats, dogs, canaries, hamsters, which, budgerigars, nymphs, ferrets, parrots, turtles, wild birds small (except birds of prey) and accessories required for transportation and toilet, whenever present to the customs staff the health certificate for import, issued by SAGARPA; in case of wildlife animals, you must also submit the Registration Verification issued by the Profepa, to check compliance with non-tariff regulation or restriction that are subject.

Luggage of diplomats

Luggage owned by the following passengers as well as their spouses, parents and children who live in the same house is not subject to review by the customs authority: ambassadors, ministers plenipotentiary, business, counselors, secretaries, aggregates diplomatic or special foreign missions, consuls, vice-consuls, foreign and officials of international organizations accredited to the Government of Mexico diplomatic agents.


Now you can bring with you goods up to a value of $ 500 without paying taxes, in addition to your personal luggage, only in holiday season; the rest of the year, the franchise is $ 300.


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