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Copper Canyon

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Copper Canyon Empty Copper Canyon

Post by dean Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:16 am

lpg wrote:Rick and company interested in a Copper Canyon tour.  I highly recommend that you contact Maria Elena Muriel whom I have worked with on a variety of "tourism" projects with great professionalism.  She can easily organize your groups trip to the Copper Canyon.  She does amazing trips with not only the transportation and logistics for the trip, but she is a professional guide and teaches all about the culture, food, customs etc. of the indigenous people along the way.

Here contact info is:

Maria Elena Muriel
tel.  624-129-8701

there are many tour companies but this seems best of the lot

its 5 day, 4 night from los mochis to chihuahua on the train. includes everything except airfare. all hotels, transfers, 1st class train, 3 meals a day etc are included. there are side trips that are extra. this does allow time for the tram ride which is 120peso. one of the highest and longest single span tram in the world air calafia flies this route and from la paz to los mochis and back from chihuahua is about $300 usd supposed to be the last great adventure in north america!!


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