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fishing licenses via LPG

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fishing licenses via LPG Empty fishing licenses via LPG

Post by dean Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:26 am

We have almost always purchased our fishing licenses at a kiosk, just outside the large Soriana mercado on Forjadores .
Its inside the building but outside the cash registers and a little to the north. The people who run the kiosk are helpful and usually speak enough english so that we can make our needs known. Too bad we can't buy our park passes there too.  Al Foster s/v Solana
On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 4:46 PM, 'Tailhuntress'

> Fishing licenses (aka permisos) are best bought on line through the
> FONMAR website.  The money stays in Baja Sur and they are trying to
> manage the fishery.  Day, week, month or year.  Unlike the USA, the
> clock starts ticking when your chose (not calendar year) and the license/permiso is
> Federal… go in all states and their waters.   A copy is kept on the server
> so you can retrieve if you misplace your copy too……


> As for kayaking, if you have fishing gear, you need a permiso.  The
> Park fee/bracelet is for the waters around Espiritu Santu (mapped out)
> ….. and not needed if you are a citizen or permanent resident, but you
> must respect the rules that are in place.  UNESCO World Heritage Site
> and also National Park, so be informed.  If you are out with the Whale
> Sharks, that is protected and should have a permit, flag etc….

> *Vaya con Dios*,

> *Jillene/Iliana Roldan*




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