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Post by dean on Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:38 pm

when we lose power in the past the power would come on and flicker. This is a dangerous condition. Here is a way to prevent that. Note in LV area they installed new equipment at the transformers that minimizes this condition. But if you have some expensive stuff well maybe better safe than sorry.

The ICM491 is a very nice device.   I had not seen these before.    Also there is a ICM492 with a higher power rating,  double.  Found good pricing at,   also the spec sheets are there.      These are great for the 99% majority of your low power electronics for preventing the problems we encounter in baja with brownouts and such.     But be careful with motors, with motors (larger refrigerators, any AC, any water pump, pool pump) the power demand spike is about 2-3 times the rated voltage and these would need a very good electrician to install them properly for these applications, it can be done, but for water pumps and pool pumps may be too difficult and require another power driver.    So that warning is not to scare you off on using them for the rest of your home electronics as it is perfect.


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