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Post by dean Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:35 pm

Via the Ventana View  -  Our neighbors to the north
LA VENTANA LIZARDS #8: One of the most spectacular lizards in Baja Sur is the Baja Blue Rock Lizard or better known as the San Lucan Rock Lizard. As with many endemic animals and plants this lizard is named after the rocky terminis of the Baja Sur. This lizard only occurs on the Guld side from the Laz Paz area south to the Cape. They are flat bodied lizards that live in rocky habitats. They are characterized by a blue color on the face, a yellow throat with dark bands that run across the back from the neck to the tail. The colors are more pronounced during mating season, truly a wonderful lizard to observe. These lizards get up to 12 inchs long. They live up the arroyos where the large rocky outcroppings start where they can be seen basking in the sun mostly on south facing areas. They eat mostly flowers and vegetatble matter, similar to iguanas, but probably also eat insects. Their coloration of dark bands and different colors is a type of camoflaging called “disruptove coloration”. You can see them at close quarters but blend in at distances. The other day Tom “Moonbeam” Spradely and I hiked up the big arroyo out of El Sarento and were fortunate to see a few of there beautiful reptiles basking on some granite outcroppings framed by one of the endemic Brandegee Fig Trees. What a great sight. Visit on e of these arroyos and sit where there are large rocks and watch. This lizard is classic iconic Baja Sur. XRanger Gary    
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