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Post by dean Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:25 am

Attention buttermilk lovers!~~~~~How to get true live cultured buttermilk in Baja...cultured buttermilk, like yogurt, has live bacteria that make it special. Substitutes just don't cut it. It doesn't spoil fast like regular milk, so can be left unrefrigerated for a number of hours without spoiling. Bring an 8oz carton or two in your luggage and make your own from this starter! Put the carton in a ziplock or pour the buttermilk into smaller containers and place those into a ziplock. It's looks like cream or conditioner. I brought down 5-3oz containers and carried them on in the ziplock in my carry on, but it will stay colder in your luggage and you can place a small gel icepack next to it. Once I got my buttermilk here, I got a quart of low fat milk, took out about a cup, added two of my 3 oz containers and left the milk on the counter all night. In the morning I had wonderful fresh yummy buttermilk! And it's not salty like the regular stuff, just creamy and healthy. Once you have it, you can use it again and again to add to new milk as you use it. NOW my Christmas pancakes will be PERFECT!


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