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Traditional Mexicano ceramic tile

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Traditional Mexicano ceramic tile Empty Traditional Mexicano ceramic tile

Post by dean Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:19 am


Try Quinta Lupita on Constitución near Guillermo Prieto

Not too much actual Authentic Mexican Tiles around at least the ones made from the barro (CLAY)from Puebla mountian area 100's of years making it the same as it can be pricy but beautiful like an old friend However I am sure they could order you some tiles from Puebla at the shop mentioned on Constitucion and G Preito
Years ago I purchased a different types of tiles from, them years ago from the shop on Constitucionthan they now sell The newer commercial volume pieces are differently made and the clay doesn't compare to the clay and age old techiques for glazes etc. created by artisans from Puebla but is cheaper and more affordable Maybe made in Dolores Hildalgo, Guanajuato and probably other Mexcian Cities

Check at Ibarra´s Pottery we have different kind of tiles and many more.
Located at Guillermo Prieto 625 between Torre Iglesias and Republica, open monday to friday 9:to 3 pm

Ibarra´s Pottery

We got tile - Talavera and other at Quinta Lupita on Constitution and Gullimiero Prieto - Pots out front. Large selection and reasonable.


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