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Mexico Defamation Law

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Mexico Defamation Law Empty Mexico Defamation Law

Post by dean Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:19 pm


I found two links I thought were interesting on defamation laws in Mexico:
Mexico Defamation Law Quick Facts *Favors:* Depends on State * Bottom Line:* While Mexico did repeal their federal defamation laws in 2007, state laws supersede federal law. As such, journalists are not necessarily protected. There are both civil and criminal defamation statutes in various states. A 2009 report revealed that Mexico has the lowest number of defamation cases a year compared to population. In 2011, proposed a new law that would further protect elected officials, but it was withdrawn.

*Sources:* » CPJ Report on 2007 Criminal Defamation Repeal in Mexico
Human Rights Watch Report on
Mexico » Mexico Looks to Protect Public Officials Against Defamation
Report on Mexican Defamation
Penalties for Defamation in Mexico


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