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Post by dean Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:37 am

As a rookie skygazer, I would also like to thank the Ventana View for opening our eyes to the night sky with their Sky Reports and Iridium Flare Predictions. My daughters and I have really enjoyed seeing the Iridium Flares. has been previously cited on the BPE as great source of info for night-time happenings above us. Another great source to check out is the Celestial Observer at . You can set it up to e-mail you items of interest. You should give them fairly close coordinates for your location. The coordinates for the Los Barriles Barrels Fountain are latitude 23.67887 and longitude -109.7049. You can get precise coordinates for your location at or from your GPS. And if you have an Android phone, download the Google Sky Map app to help identify things you see in the night sky. Happy viewing! ••• Craig Hammes - •••


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