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bo bo's repellent

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bo bo's repellent Empty bo bo's repellent

Post by dean Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:43 pm

I have purchased cutter's "new" advanced insect repellent. active ingredient Picardin 7% purchased at ace hardware in USA.

It says works on mosquitoes, chiggers, biting flies, No-See-ums, gnats and fleas. other benifits listed light feel and no odor, that i can testify to.

I have now tried it several times for stopping the bo-bo's and say it worked for me. but not enough tests to giveit the absolute thumbs up.

anyone else a bo-bo magent that wants to give it a try? before we give it the thumbs up...


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bo bo's repellent Empty wasps

Post by dean Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:30 pm

I use to have them. Here is what I did.
1. Locate the nest in the day light.
2. When it is dark and cool (about 4-5AM) take a plastic bag and a knife and put the bag around the nest and remove.
3. While the bag is closed, step on the nest and the sluggish wasps.

I did this for months and finally they stop coming to my property. They are very sluggest when it is dark and cool.


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