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getting prepared

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getting prepared Empty getting prepared

Post by dean Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:53 pm

Here is a list of things to get prepared, will update it as time goes.

Make sure your drinking water bottles are full. Your water tanks are full. make sure you have the fuel for the generator and your car gas tank full too. For next one, Put soda bottles full of water in fridge and freezer at least 2 days before. this is to reduce the cycling of the fridge when you go to generator and so nice to have chilly water. Buy some water squeegees. Food was only a problem in Odile as it was not projected to come so people did not stock up beforehand. Well even drinking water was a problem in cabo for a day or two also. Remember the gas station cannot pump fuel when they do not have power. And we are low on the totem pole for services restored since we have such a small population.

make sure you set the freezer and fridge to their coldest settings. and leave it that way when running your generator. This prevents start up spikes, though fridges with linear compressors are designed to prevent this.

Charge all batteries, and I have a ryobi set of power tools and batteries, they make a small fan that I strongly recommend so you can have a fan on you all night. This is also helpful if you end up sleeping outdoors so the mosquitos do not get to you as bad during regular power outages. The small battery for the ryobi is good for about 5 hours and the larger 3Ah one is good all night no problem at low power. Make sure you have the batteries and fan in the bedroom with flashlights. and candles if you want. I have several lights that are battery backed up that turn on with power failures.

I have a 12v DC battery to 120AV little base unit that provides power for my computer phone internet for about 4-9 hours a great device before you hit the generator. this is the one I have. Schumacher SBP1 55Ah Rechargeable AGM Portable Power Generator Emergency Power Station with 700W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

I prefer a diesel generator. due to reliability and life time of them. If you have a propane one, it may not match its ratings due to I do not believe we have propane, maybe butane. Also if you have a higher end propane one make sure you buy a filter for it.


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