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shame on these people

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shame on these people Empty shame on these people

Post by dean on Tue Apr 14, 2020 10:18 am

shame on her who does not read spanish and posting a fake article. Great that she was called out on it. She did not even appligise. She has blocked me from seeing her propaganda posts. as i went after them. thankfully someone else is.

Linda Magruder Densmore shared a link.
3 hrs

As I suspected, I am seeing more and more reports of hospitals getting overwhelmed with very sick patients that are many times being called atypical pneumonia.... instead of Covid19. Many hospital workers are getting sick. Not all places of care are supplying protections for the medical staff. Please believe your doctors and
nurses when they ask for help and let’s help them however we can to make sure they are protected. Mexico is not any different than the United States on this issue. If you don’t test people for Covid19 then it is not increase the “numbers” on paper. But as we all know... this backfires. Please stay socially isolated and we all need to help out in our own way. Those of us who are visitors can donate if we can for food and PPE ( personal protection equipment). Otherwise we need to stay safe so we don’t end up using resources that are needed by the locals.

Cesar Jara Please, I will say it again, learn some spanish, we have everyday our government in the morning and evening giving a conference, do not believe what you see on facebook or a comedian says... Please.

Linda Magruder Densmore Cesar Jara I am trying to learn Spanish and I even listen to the reports and take pictures of the slides to study them. But nurses and doctors are the most honest and respected professions. I have been following closely all the reports from hospitals all over the US and other countries. When doctors and nurses are asking for support and help I believe them. Since they will be taking care of you and your loved ones.. I would believe them too.

Cesar Jara Sure, but it is not helpful to spread hysteria and fear, it is better to spread good news to something that is affecting the entire world... For instance, you can say that we just received antoher plane full of equipment to alleviate our contingency, you can also say that we are waiting 8 more planes full of equipment, you can say that doctor in charge of patients with covid 19 will get 20% more of their salary, you can also say that we have a new agreement with privates hospital to have more beds available in case we need them. Of course there is a shortage of medical equipment, but that is something worldwide, the whole world was not prepare for this... So.... Why to add bad things to this, which most of the time are lies.

Miriam Steierman
Miriam Steierman Linda: Mexico is nothing like the USA. You cannot compare apples to pears. Do you even live in LV? And yes, you need to learn to listen to the news in Spanish.


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